The Company

Santorini was founded in 2010 and it is committed to establishing a high level in all the transportation areas that it works in, always searching excellence in every job.

We work within international standards which have been built with more than 5.000 well succeeded transfers always focusing on training, structure, organization and accuracy.

Professionalism and Punctuality

We are held mainly in the following states: Brasília, Bahia, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Recife. We plan a solid expansion within the next few years in order to strengthen the existing standard we already have since the very beginning of our activities.

We have already transported passengers from more than 40 nationalities. Among them: Head of States, Diplomats, Maritime Officers, Presidents and Multinational Companies Directors. We provide private services during events, meetings and visits at companies.

We provide chauffeurs, on-board services, bilingual drivers, armored cars, red carpet, medical andhotelier support for exclusive transportation.

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